Northern Pacific Airways To Launch Flights


Almost 14 months after its impressive launch in San Bernadino, Northern Pacific Airways has officially announced the sale and launch of flights with its aircraft—a landmark milestone for an airline that has incurred a sizeable number of blocked roads in getting here.

The airline globally known for its appreciation of the 757, Icelandair’s business model and eventually becoming the airline for Alaska was slated to begin transpacific flights to Asian destinations.

While at the launch event, the plan for the airline was concrete and plausible, they were halted significantly by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which restricted airspace that the Northern Pacific was slated to use. Additionally, due to ETOPS restrictions, delayed the deployment of these aircraft is.

Now the airline has announced a spring flight from Ontario International Airport to Las Vegas. Fares start at USD 69 one way, departing on Fridays at 2 pm and leaving Las Vegas at 2 pm on Sundays. The first service is slated to take to the skies on June 2nd, 2023.

Northern Pacific Airways says it’s seeking potential casino and hotel partners that may be interested in the service the carrier will offer to create packages.

A perfect weekend getaway now bookable via the Northern Pacific website, that’s – a URL that sees them as one of the few airlines to have a two-letter combination.

I know that our weekend getaway flights will be an incredibly convenient and cost-effective for people to enjoy themselves in the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas. I’m extremely thankful to our team worldwide, especially those in Anchorage, Alaska, for their dedication and hard work.

Rob McKinney, Northern Pacific Airways CEO

Northern Pacific Airways had been exploring flights to Mexico. However, these never eventuated, and we are still assessing other options at this stage too. The carrier has Boeing 757s already in its name.

It’s now about getting these planes in the sky as they continue redeveloping Anchorage Airport and preparing for the eventual launch of their initially expected route network, which would take them to Osaka, Nagoya and much more.

The Boeing 757-200 will operate these missions in a two-class configuration with economy to business-class style seats as described by the airline; it’s a 2-2 layout up towards the front of the plane. So, for now, the 757 will be the backbone of their operations. However, in the future, Rob has said they’re very interested in newer pieces of tech, but launching operations remains the most critical priority at this stage.

Northern Pacific is excited about the future and is betting on an almost private-like experience onboard the 757 for these once-weekly Las Vegas flights. When on the ground in Las Vegas, the airline says the 757-200 will be available for charter purposes if required.

Daniel Fowkes
09 Mar 2023
· Airlines 

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