Northern Pacific Airways Readies For Launch

Daniel Fowkes
03 Jul 2023
· Airlines 
northern pacific airways first boeing 757-200

It’s been a long road for America’s newest airline Northern Pacific Airways, but the airline is finally gearing up for a launch following a busy few weeks.

The airline, formally unveiled in January 2022 at an event in San Bernardino, California, has since undergone major challenges in launching operations, largely spurred on by Russian airspace restrictions following conflict breaking out in Ukraine. As such, it has been forced to adjust its strategy majorly.

Northern Pacific will initially launch services to Las Vegas from Ontario on July 14th, a move that has been pushed back numerous times as they seek approvals and more.

The airline has recently begun route-proving flights as it readies for launch, completing missions to its soon-to-be hub in Anchorage, Alaska, which has also undergone renovations inside the terminal to prepare for its eventual arrival.

As part of its continued route to approval, a key evacuation test was undertaken per the Federal Aviation Administration certification process, a long and gruelling but necessary process. Meanwhile, the proving flights are among some of the last but most important steps to certification.

Boeing 757s will initially exclusively power Northern Pacific Airways, which has certainly been a fundamental part of the identity of Northern Pacific Airways’ image.

For Northern Pacific Airways, the biggest goal is to get the aircraft in the skies more than anything after a trying last 18 months with many curveballs thrown at it.

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  1. They have painted around the windscreen to make their aircraft look like modern airbus instead of old 757s

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