Northern Pacific Airways Launch Delayed

Northern Pacific Airways has delayed its launch for multiple weeks following an inability to obtain the required certification documents.

The regulatory scheduling the company says is beyond its control, intended to begin passenger flights from Ontario to Las Vegas on weekends in early June.

However, these flights were to be operated by the 757, which has now been postponed.

Discussion of the airline’s missing its launch date popped up a matter of weeks ago when a source mentioned internally there were rumblings around the safety and how they doubted the company would meet its launch date. At the time, this was unconfirmed.

Northern Pacific Airways has shifted its model multiple times since its conception. Initially targeting flights from Anchorage through to Asia on an Iceladair-like model, it then moved to Mexico flights before switching to charter missions in the Pacific, then settling finally on Ontario to Vegas as a launch route.

Decisions such as these come as the airline has a fleet ready. However, nowhere to fly their 757s.

Ultimately safety comes first, before anything else and while frustrating in multiple aspects for those eager to fly on the first service, these things can happen. The airline will do everything to get the appropriate certification and measures before jetting off on June 23rd.


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