No Order From Riyadh Air At Paris Airshow

Riyadh Air won’t order narrowbody aircraft at this year’s 2023 Paris Airshow following significant speculation around a close commitment.

Riyadh Air plans to launch 2025 out of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and has ambitious plans from network to fleet. The airline has already committed to the Boeing 787 series to power its long-haul fleet. However, it is now chasing a narrowbody aircraft, with the 737 MAX being highly rumoured to be the leading choice.

As the 2023 Paris Airshow has come around, it is typically a period where airlines will seek to announce commitments, as all eyes are on the industry. Riyadh Air has ruled out an order for this edition.

150 total narrowbody aircraft are being targeted initially by the company. However, plans don’t stop there as they currently assess proposals from Airbus and Boeing for other jets.

Riyadh Air is present at the 2023 Paris Airshow showcasing a Boeing 787 sporting the first edition of its livery before it takes delivery of its first Dreamliner in preparation for launch.

The airline is Saudi Arabia’s answer to growing the economy, tourism and much more. Tony Douglas, who was formally at Etihad Airways, leads up the airline.


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