New Updates On The Boeing 737-9 Grounding

The Boeing 737-9 is currently grounded at multiple airlines around the world following an FAA emergency airworthiness directive. However, Untied Airlines has published a statement which has revealed more about how the aircraft can return to service alongside further updates on the investigation.

There have been new updates on the Boeing 737-9 grounding following a statement from one of the affected parties, United Airlines.

The major U.S. airline has outlined how it believes the Boeing 737-9 will eventually be able to return to service. This statement follows the lack of clarity provided by other parties on the developing situation.

The Next Steps To Ungrounding

United says that it is awaiting Boeing to issue a Multi-Operator Message following the emergency Airworthiness Directive issued by the FAA.

A Multi-Operator Message is essentially a bulletin provided by a plane maker when there’s a specific aircraft type around the world that requires work of a similar nature to be undertaken.

This message is also crucial for the Federal Aviation Administration, which will then be able to formulate an official means of compliance for their Airworthiness Directive, which is vague at the moment.

Work Being Done Currently

United Airlines removed all its Boeing 737-9s from service in response to the EAD from the Federal Aviation Administration, which resulted in 79 units being parked.

As part of the airline’s process of understanding the problem and being proactive, it has already begun removing the inner panel to access the emergency door. Additionally, preliminary inspections have started while the carrier awaits instructions.

A Boeing 737-9 during a test flight as it attempts to be certified – Photo: Boeing 2017

These instructions have been a focal point as the investigation begins with airlines impacted by the 737-9 groundings unclear on the process they should be undertaking moving ahead to get the jets inspected and re-approved.

The Missing Boeing 737-9 Door Is Found

After a press conference involving the NTSB, who were able to complete their first full day of the investigation, it was revealed that the door plug had been found.

The finding was thanks to a local man named Bob, who had found the part that became detached from the 737-9 in his backyard.

Securing the door plug is essential to the NTSB and all relevant parties in their investigation as it’ll allow for a better understanding of what occurred. Additionally, it’ll mean that Boeing can provide further clarification in their Multi-Operator Message.

Cockpit Voice Record Has Nothing

In the newest briefing from the NTSB, Jennifer Homendy, the Chair, announced that they did not have anything from the cockpit voice recorder.

This is because the data was overwritten as the circuit breaker was not pulled in time, which many label as embarrassing and what the NTSB says they’ve been trying to request to change for some time to no avail.

Ultimately, the incident thus far has been nothing short of messy for all those involved, with back and forths, a lack of information, missing parts and groundings.

Daniel Fowkes
08 Jan 2024
· Aircraft 

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