New Pacific Airlines Suspending Scheduled Flights

New Pacific Airlines has announced it'll suspend scheduled passenger flights with its 757s and move to charter flights only from April.

New Pacific Airlines has announced the formal suspension of scheduled passenger flights barely years after it was able to launch them.

The carrier, formally known and launched as Northern Pacific Airways, initially set its sights on services to Asia from Anchorage. It targeted a model similar to Icelandair to make air travel cheaper between the two regions.

However, the closure of Russian airspace dramatically changed their trajectory, and the prospective airline struggled to launch. An airspace closure came months after its formal airline launch in January 2022.

In the subsequent months, executives scrambled to find ways to get the Boeing 757s, which had already been painted, configured, and secured, in the air. Service towards Mexico, service in the Pacific, and more were all explored to no avail.

After much deliberation, the airline set its sights on using Ontario in California as a makeshift base with flights to Las Vegas. The hope was that the airline could offer scheduled services to favoured locations, essentially acting as a weekend trip.

While the airline was able to get airborne, its overall schedule reflected nothing of what it had initially targeted, and many began to question the airline’s identity. This questioning only increased when a name change was required to New Pacific Airlines.

Scheduled Flights Are Over

Now, scheduled flights will cease as charter flights become the focus for the company that has ultimately struggled to sell seats and obtain any market share. This is a move that many are hardly shocked by as the company has seemingly struggled since its conception.

Since its conception, the situation has been relatively complex, with many puzzled at what the airline was attempting to do.

Executives have carefully created a partnership with Elevation Aviation Group, a Florida-based company known for its private aviation services. According to executives and statements, this is the new direction the company wants to take. However, as always, it has left more questions than answers.

Rob McKinney, the CEO of New Pacific Airlines, has set his sights on redefining the standards of aviation services and elevating travel experiences by setting a new benchmark. However, New Pacific flies with an old fleet of Boeing 757s.

Remaining In Business

However, ending scheduled services in the coming weeks isn’t the end of New Pacific Airlines. The CEO reaffirmed that the company would continue in a different form as it moves towards a new era.

The focus will dramatically shift from offering scheduled services towards private charters. However, just how long the company will remain within the industry remains to be seen as its original business idea fades further into obscurity.

Daniel Fowkes
29 Mar 2024
· Airlines 

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