MYAirline Air Operator Certificate Suspended

MYAirline Airbus A320-214 parked with engines and wheels covered.

MYAirline’s Air Operator Certificate (AOC) has been suspended for 90 days, pending further inspections.

The verdict has been handed down by the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) following MYAirline’s suspension of operations.

Reasoning Behind AOC Suspension

The Malaysia regulator says that a suspension of the AOC at MYAirline comes following no prior notification of the operation coming to a close.

CAAM further believes that without prior notice, this doesn’t paint a good picture of the overall Malaysian aviation landscape.

The MYAirline Collapse

Citing financial pressures, MYAirline suspended operations on the 12th of October, 2023.

While the carrier says it was actively working towards partnerships and means to improve its long-term viability, it had no choice but to suspend its business.

MYAirline is less than a year old, having only launched services around ten months before its collapse.

The carrier looks towards offering low-cost flights with a fleet of Airbus A320s. However, since its launch, it has battled against the odds to succeed.

Further details of the collapse came to light, too, indicating that the airline didn’t have a backup plan to resolve the financial position it found itself in.

While airline members understood passengers’ frustrations, the rapid shutdown highlights the regulator’s points.

Another Executive Departs

Stuart Cross, who had been working as the chief operating officer and was only promoted to interim chief executive in the last week, has resigned, per the airline.

Cross was promoted to the role on an interim basis following Rayner Teo’s departure from the airline ten days ago.

The departure of Cross is the latest in a host of significant changes at the airline. These changes have all come in rapid succession.

Daniel Fowkes
17 Oct 2023
· Airlines 

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