Middle East Airlines Cancels Flights And Moves Fleet

Daniel Fowkes
24 Oct 2023
· Airlines 
Founded 75 years ago, MEA have been a great survivor in the international airline scene, against all the odds of being based at Beirut. This aircraft now sports their new flamboyant scheme having joined the fleet two weeks ago. Operating a wide variety of types over the years, MEA have now an all Airbus fleet.

Lebanese-based Middle East Airlines, more commonly called MEA, has said it’ll significantly change its operations following rising tensions.

What’s Happening At MEA?

MEA says it’ll cancel flights as tensions escalate along the border with Israel.

The company believes travel has become more dangerous and a safety risk due to the escalating tension.

However, with safety risks in the region from other Western countries, people are advised against travel.

Ultimately, MEA isn’t the only carrier that has had to adjust its operations in recent weeks, with many carriers cancelling flights to the region.

A Fleet Being Evacuated

MEA says most of its fleet will leave Beruit and head towards other countries.

A decision comes as insurance companies worry over the risks associated with war breaking out.

Middle East Airlines, per Cirium, only has nine aircraft in service, with 13 in storage.

Of the 13 in storage, 9 are Airbus A321neos, some of its newest aircraft that have been delivered alongside Airbus A320-200s and A330-200s.

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