New Saudi Arabian Airline Announced


A new airline coming that’ll be based out of Saudi, known as Riyadh Air the carrier is expected to become a global player in the aviation industry. It’ll rival currently existing long-haul airlines in the Middle East and look to boost tourism and the economy in the region.

Making Riyadh the gateway of the world is a significant ambition. By creating the new carrier, they see a boost in transportation, trade and hopefully tourism. Therefore, the new national airline is the Public Investment Funds’ latest investment. They are also wholly owned by the fund.

Two hundred thousand direct and indirect jobs will be made possible thanks to the creation of the new airline, and Tony Douglas, who formally worked at Etihad Airways, leads up the upper management team as the Chief Executive Officer.

Riyadh Airport can carry 30 or so million passengers per year. However, a new airport to support Riyadh Air has also been announced. It’ll include the capability to transport a staggering 120 million passengers annually by 2030. This will increase to 185 million travellers by 2050, some 20 years later.

The airline’s core logo and branding have been revealed. An R, symbolising the first letter of Riyadh, sits between an oval, likely representing an aircraft window. Tones of purple have been featured throughout branding announcements.

Daniel Fowkes
14 Mar 2023
· Airlines 

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