Luxair Getting 737 MAX


Luxair has announced new commitments to improve its fleet with additional 737 aircraft. In addition, the airline has secured a lease for two of the 737-8s. These units are expected to arrive in the airline’s hands by this summer, time for the busy demand they’ll experience within Luxembourg.

Additionally, Luxair has secured a direct order for two 737-8s from Boeing. The four aircraft in total will therefore improve connectivity and comfort for passengers. For Luxair personally, it’ll enhance costs and, thus, efficiency.

The 737 MAX, since its ungrounding, has quickly again become an essential option for airlines looking for a narrowbody solution. It has therefore beaten some analysts’ predictions that it might struggle to a certain extent, given the controversy surrounding it.

Today is a good day for Luxair, our staff and our esteemed clients. Luxair took a large step into the direction of securing its role as the quality airline of Luxembourg and the Greater Region. I want to thank our Board of Directors for this act of trust, our staff members who helped us in the last years, all our valued customers and Cargolux. Today marks just the beginning of the journey of securing the long-term future of Luxair. Much more is yet to come.

Gilles Feith, Luxair CEO.

The 737 MAX aircraft will reduce fuel and emissions by a total of 20% on average. It’ll therefore have many positive repercussions for the airline in the future.

Daniel Fowkes
04 Mar 2023
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