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It’s been a big day for German flag carrier Lufthansa with the reveal of their new Allegris long-haul cabin at an event in Berlin, Germany. The event was attended by media worldwide alongside high-profile executives to welcome the next era.

Aircraft such as the Boeing 747-8, Airbus A350-900 and Boeing 787-9s will be kitted out with this new cabin product. Eventually, the 777-9 will also be fitted with such a design. However, this aircraft is yet to be certified. So it’ll be a long wait until passengers can experience this product on that plane.

Beginning with the most prominent cabin class that will see the bulk of passengers that’s economy. The airline will revamp its economy class with brand new seats. In addition, the economy class seats will see great recline, as said by the airline.

Onto premium economy, this will also get a revamp. It’s a multi-billion dollar project expected to take many years, so the airline has pulled out all the stops to ensure that every class sees an upgrade. Premium Economy’s most stand-out feature is its shell-like nature, featuring around the head of the seat.

In the upper classes, as described by the CEO of Lufthansa:

Every guest has their own understanding of premium, which is why we focus on maximum individuality and exclusivity.

Jens Ritter, Lufthansa CEO

Business class is being labelled more flexible than ever, with the first time the ability to look forward to their suite, offering more privacy.

A monitor of 27 inches will be present, a significant amount of storage and each business class suite has its wardrobe, minibar, lots of charging options, and so much more. The ability to adjust the seat regarding length suits those long-haul flights.

4K screens, alongside wireless charging (something recently announced by Qantas for their A350), signals the future of upper classes in the aviation industry, and it’s one many can get behind.

Business class on Lufthansa

First class, or First Class Suite Plus, labelled by Lufthansa, will be introduced in 2024 onto newly delivered A350s. These will be like what you’d expect for a first-class suite, the colours are very dark, and there’ll be ample space. The suite will act almost as a little studio apartment but 40,000ft above.

First Class Suite Plus unveiled by Lufthansa

The project will cost billions of euros and is part of Lufthansa’s initiative to keep customer satisfaction levels high.

Daniel Fowkes
01 Mar 2023
· Airlines 

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  1. Instead of all the First Class “perks” on these new planes,have you considered perhaps somewhat radical SAFETY features as an emergency parachute system as a critical part of the fuselage; and/or what about a capability for the aircraft to remain bouyant if having to emergency land in water?

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