Lufthansa To Start New Airline

Daniel Fowkes
21 Mar 2023
· Airlines 

Lufthansa is eyeing up the launch of a brand new airline, the carrier set to be known as City Airlines will launch in the coming months. The airline is expected to be based out of Munich and be tailored towards short-haul flights.

City Airlines from Munich will target major European cities, focusing on remote regions as well from the mid-way point of 2023.

The ambition for this new airline is to keep it in line with the broader feel of Lufthansa Group, ensuring the quality of service while also the sense of a Lufthansa CityLine is present too.

In recent years, Lufthansa has faced criticism for their onboard service and price-point that has fallen away heavily. However, Investments in new aircraft and an upcoming new cabin will hopefully see the tides turn for the airline.

The airline is also hiring for positions to be filled as it gears towards a launch. Naturally, the airline will be watched closely as it inches closer to offering scheduled flights out of Munich.

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  2. City airlines to compete with Lufthansa Cityline!!
    I think Lufthansa had better have an operation to get it’s head out of it’s derrière.

  3. An other new budget airline in Europe to go bust in a few years they should focus on the Lufthansa and lower the prices

  4. I wish you all the best in this new airlines I have been a frequent flier with Lufthansa I hope you do better then them

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