Lufthansa To Cancel 90% Of Flights

Lufthansa will be forced to cancel up to 90% of its flights over a multi-day period as ground crew strike as they seek better pay.

Lufthansa customers and those attempting to travel in or out of Germany this week will likely have a tough time as fresh disruption comes in the form of strike action.

Airports such as Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin and many others are all slated to be affected as Lufthansa cancels up to 1,000 flights and, thus, around 90% of its schedule over a 30-plus hour period.

The disruption comes from ground staff who will strike following Verdi, a trade union representing the employees seeking better conditions and pay. As inflation grows and in such a demanding role, ground crew believe they should be better compensated for their efforts.

Away from pilots and some other critical roles, the pay for those working in aviation has always been considerably low for the work required, and, as a result, the industry has been a deterrence for many amid the rising cost of living.

As a result of these typically low-paying jobs and amid surging demand for airlines, aviation companies have been significantly understaffed and struggled at times to recruit.

This strike action, however, isn’t the first time something similar has happened, and Lufthansa has become all too familiar with such action.

The union is calling for a 12.5% pay rise and a one-off inflation bonus for the workers employed by the airline and believes they are facing rather unfavourable conditions. Previously, the offers by Lufthansa were deemed insulting, with the overwhelming majority rejecting these contractual terms.

While the strike is only slated to occur over a day and a half, it is substantial enough to cause disarray to the typically robust Lufthansa network. However, such action is believed to be necessary to get the message across.

Strikes are a last resort and a way to send a message to the company in question to offer better terms for payment or working conditions. The union says it’ll be in continued communication with Lufthansa as they attempt to resolve the situation.

Daniel Fowkes
19 Feb 2024
· Airlines 

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  1. Unions at airlines with the ability to strike should be banned. Strikes not only disrupt peoples plans, but are also very bad for the economy.

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