Lufthansa Orders 40 Airbus A220s

Lufthansa Group has announced an order for 40 Airbus A220s as part of a commitment to the next-generation of aircraft. These A220s will be deployed towards City Airlines with a base in Frankfurt and Munich.

Lufthansa has continued its shopping spree with the Group announcing a deal with Airbus for the A220.

The latest deal reaffirms Lufthana’s longstanding relationship with Airbus, which commenced with the introduction of the A300 back in the 1970s.

Since the A300s delivery, the Group has operated every product family from the A220 upwards to the world’s largest passenger plane, the A380.

Interest In The Airbus A220 Grows

Lufthansa Group announced a firm order for 40 A220-300s, the most significant variant in the series to date, as part of the newest deal for aircraft.

The Airbus A220s will be deployed towards the newly founded City Airlines, which has bases in Frankfurt and Munich.

City Airlines’ mission will be to connect cities with Lufthansa’s significant ports for onward travel across the broader Lufthansa network. The Airbus A220 has been viewed as the best possible option for the new division looking ahead.

The Group highlights explicitly the ideal use to capture feeder traffic, which is the primary mission of City Airlines.

The first delivery of the A220-300 to City Airlines is expected to be in 2026. Following this, deliveries will progressively take place over a multi-year period.

A Loss For Embraer And Their EJets

Lufthansa Group had been studying the Airbus A220 and Embraer E2 jets as part of a mission to form its future fleet.

However, the Group would ultimately head the way of the Airbus A220 and thus leave Embraer out of the picture. Some analysts say this is a loss for the plane maker that is continuing to push for more sales of its next-generation E2 jets.

Embraer pitched its E2 series to Lufthansa but ultimately failed to secure orders.

Although Lufthansa Group has operated the Airbus A220 for a considerable period now with SWISS. As a result, it could be perceived that the Embraer E2s would always be the least favoured option.

Comments From Executives

With today’s order for 40 additional Airbus A220s, we are continuing our unique partnership with Airbus. Just a few months ago, as the largest airline customer, we received our 600th aircraft from Airbus, and we look forward to taking delivery of number 700. Our customers are looking forward to these additional modern, economical, and fuel-efficient aircraft.

Carsten Spohr, Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO of Deutsche Lufthansa AG

The Lufthansa Group was one of the first customers for the A220 and has successfully operated the aircraft in its SWISS route network ever since. We are delighted by this testimony of confidence from our long-standing partner and customer. As the only clean sheet design aircraft and specifically designed for the 100-150 seat market the A220 is the most efficient solution in its category to support Lufthansa Group meeting its exciting airline development and sustainability objectives.

Christian Scherer, Chief Commercial Officer and Head of Airbus International.

The Game-Changing Airbus A220

Since Airbus acquired the CSeries and rebranded to the A220, it has been able to leverage the capabilities of the aircraft to enhance multiple customer fleets.

When bringing the aircraft onboard, one of the most significant missions was to expand the A220’s presence in North America. The plane maker has successfully done that through several substantial customers ordering the type.

City Airlines is now set to join the list of operators, which means they’ll join the long list of customers that utilise the series to their advantage.

Airbus says that as of the end of November 2023, 849 orders have been won for the series across 31 customers. The most recent delivery was to Qantas, who will utilise the type across its Qantaslink network.

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20 Dec 2023
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