Lufthansa Orders New Aircraft

Daniel Fowkes
03 Mar 2023
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Lufthansa has announced that its secured additional orders for 22 new long-haul aircraft. The deal includes Airbus and Boeing aircraft worth almost USD 8 billion at list prices.

The aircraft will be delivered in the coming years and will be pivotal in revamping the Lufthansa Group’s fleet.

Included in the deal are 10 Airbus A350-1000s, 5 Airbus A350-900s and finally, 7 Boeing 787-9s. It adds to the already existing commitments for long-haul widebody aircraft that are part of the next generation of aircraft.

Lufthansa will also welcome its Boeing 777-9, part of the 777X family, at the midway point of this decade. The first unit was initially slated to be delivered in 2020. However, the program has incurred delays that have pushed it back towards 2025 at the earliest.

Lufthansa is betting on these new aircraft to be incredibly important to the group’s long-term sustainability, alongside boosting efficiency across the board. So not only will the jets be quiet, but they’ll be highly profitable for the group moving forward. While finally also enabling them to remove some of their older aircraft that have far worse fuel burn than what these new types will have.

The Lufthansa Group isn’t unfamiliar with most of the aircraft ordered, already having commitments and flying many Airbus A350s. Meanwhile, it recently welcomed its first Boeing 787 too.

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