Lufthansa Group Announces Order For 100 737 MAXs

Daniel Fowkes
20 Dec 2023
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Lufthansa Group announces a landmark order for up to 100 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft to be deployed across multiple airlines as the group moves towards more efficient single aisle aircraft

Lufthansa Group has announced what is described as a landmark order for the Boeing 737 MAX, which will upgrade its single-aisle fleet.

A Historic Deal With Boeing

Up to 100 737 MAXs have been included in the deal, which is comprised of 40 737-8s and 60 further options.

However, a deal of this magnitude extends just beyond the order, with this being the first time Lufthansa has committed to the 737 in decades.

The Lufthansa Group welcomed their last 737-300 delivery almost two decades ago in 1995. However, the Lufthansa Group largely transitioned towards the A320 family for single-aisle operations.

Interestingly, Lufthansa’s relationship with the Boeing 737 dates back to their last delivery in 1995. The airline also launched the Boeing 737 back in 1967. Ultimately, it would retire the final 737 in its operations by 2016 to move towards a more modern fleet.

The Specifics Around The 737 MAX Order

Lufthansa Group says in a release that its 737 MAX aircraft are to be deployed across several airlines within the group.

However, Lufthansa, which includes their City Airlines division and SWISS, already have aircraft on order that notably include the A320neo family and A220 from Airbus.

As a result, these newly ordered 737 MAX jets will be deployed elsewhere. Lufthansa Group says a decision on where they’ll head will come later as a thorough study and evaluation occurs.

Deliveries are expected to commence in the third quarter of 2027 and will steadily be delivered over time. Additionally, the Group says the 737-8s will be configured with 190 seats spread across Business Class and Economy.

Comments From Executives

It is a good strategic decision for the Lufthansa Group to order Boeing 737 aircraft again for the first time since 1995. Around 60 years ago, Lufthansa was co-developer and launch customer of this globally successful model. With the new modern, quiet, economical and efficient 737-8 aircraft, we are making progress both in modernizing our short- and medium-haul fleet and in achieving our carbon CO2 reduction targets.

Carsten Spohr, Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO of Deutsche Lufthansa AG

Our relationship with the Lufthansa Group has led to a number of industry changing achievements and we are delighted to see the 737 return to an original launch customer’s fleet. The Lufthansa Group has set bold targets to decarbonize its operations. The 737-8 will help the Lufthansa Group meet those sustainability targets with significant improvements in fuel use, emissions, and community noise impacts, all while reducing costs for the airline.

Stan Deal, president and CEO, Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

A New Era For Lufthansa Group

Lufthansa Groups’ new deal for the 737 MAX underpins a significant shift towards the next-generation aircraft from Airbus and Boeing and a mission to reduce emissions.

Key executives say that adding the 737 MAX will help them pursue a long-term fleet strategy that is beneficial and also focuses on cost efficiency.

Compared to the previous models operated by the Lufthansa Group, these next-generation 737 MAX and A320neo aircraft will hugely benefit day-to-day operations across future decades.

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