Lufthansa City To Launch 26 June

Daniel Fowkes
24 Apr 2024
· Airlines 
A Lufthansa City Airlines Airbus aircraft seen arriving wearing the new livery of the feeder airline

Lufthansa Group is inching closer to the launch of its next brand, Lufthansa City Airlines, which is slated to commence operations in the coming months.

As of June 26, 2024, City Airlines will launch formally with service between Munich and Birmingham. Now, the company says guests can book their tickets on feeder services for Lufthansa and direct flights between Munich.

The purpose of City Airlines has raised some questions and uncertainty. However, in principle, City Airlines will be another member of the Lufthansa Group that’ll look to feed traffic into the primary Lufthansa hubs of Frankfurt and Munich. Additionally, it’ll be fully integrated into the Group.

Lufthansa Group has a long history of launching subsidiaries for many reasons. While each can have its own identity, they can equally play a role in enhancing connectivity across the Group.

Initially commencing services from Munich, the scope of Lufthansa City Airlines’ operation will grow with the arrival of more aircraft. The carrier will focus on European and German domestic locations at this stage to feed traffic back to the hubs.

Locations such as Birmingham, Hanover, and Düsseldorf have all been listed as locations to be served by the new company. To begin with, Lufthansa City will focus on utilising aircraft within the A320 family. However, with time, the fleet makeup will change.

In the future, the feeder airline will take delivery of 40 Airbus A220-300 aircraft, with purchase options for a further 20 units. Lufthansa City believes these are fuel-efficient aircraft that will be hugely effective across the future long-term network.

The airline will add more routes as aircraft continue to be delivered. Lufthansa Group hopes that the purchase instils confidence in the public about the feeder airline’s intent.

Once the carrier has commenced operations, it will use the two-letter code VL. Additionally, the company will focus on replacing Lufthansa services before eventually finding its own pathway.

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