Lufthansa Cargo Upgrading Frankfurt Base

Daniel Fowkes
22 Nov 2023
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Lufthansa Cargo Boeing 777 Freighter at Frankfurt Airport

Lufthansa Cargo has announced its LCCevolution project and additional plans to invest around 500 million euros into its warehouse system at Frankfurt Airport.

The significant overhaul should enhance Lufthansa Cargo’s operations into future decades and increase its position as a leading choice.

A Major Investment Is Coming For Lufthansa Cargo

The modernisation of Lufthansa Cargo’s Frankfurt hub has quickly become paramount.

This mainly follows construction work beginning in August of this year on a new 40-meter-high tall high bay warehouse.

This warehouse includes automated transport systems and the enhancement of other buildings and storage facilities that are crucial to the Lufthansa Cargo operation.

Lufthansa Cargo says almost 500 million euros will be invested into the significant project, which should be completed by 2030. At completion, forecasts say that more than 70,000 square meters will be covered.

Construction partner Ed. Zublin AG of Frankfurt has been signed as a pivotal part of future works that’ll take place across the next eight years to bring this vision to life.

While a 2030 completion has been revealed, the cargo division says that the first parts of the automated transport system and construction of the first two building modules will conclude in 2027.

As part of this process alone, there’ll be a complex implementation while maintaining a robust 24/7 business.

Comments From Executives

With a throughput share of around 80 percent of Lufthansa Cargo’s global cargo volume, the Frankfurt hub plays a decisive role in the operational success of Lufthansa Cargo. The modernization and new buildings will further improve turnaround times and increase efficiency at Lufthansa Cargo’s central location. For our customers, this means faster handling speeds, easier transport processes and an improvement in service quality.

Ashwin Bhat, CEO of Lufthansa Cargo.

The Lufthansa Cargo Fleet

Lufthansa Cargo currently operates a fleet of Airbus A321P2Fs and 777Fs as part of its daily flying.

The division has a total of 11 in-service Boeing 777 dedicated freighters, which average an age of 7.2 years.

Meanwhile, data showcases three in-service A321P2Fs and one parked, bringing the total to four units.

About Lufthansa Cargo

Lufthansa Cargo saw revenues tally 4.6 billion euros in 2022 alongside the transport performance of 7.2 billion freight ton kilometres.

As a result, the division has been hugely important for Lufthansa Group and is a leading company in airfreight transport.

4,100 employees are a part of Lufthansa Cargo with a focus on airport-to-airport business. Services extend to around 300 destinations in more than 100 countries.

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