Lufthansa Cargo Grounds Some Airbus A321P2Fs

Lufthansa Cargo has grounded some of its Airbus A321P2Fs after finding a minor crack in one of its units during routine maintenance.

Lufthansa Cargo has been forced to ground some of its Airbus A321P2Fs following cracks being identified in the structure of the aircraft, per Cirium.

Cracking Identified With Lufthansa Cargo Aircraft

Cirium reports that a single fine crack was initially detected during a routine maintenance check conducted on January 9, 2024, with one aircraft.

D-AEUC was the aircraft responsible for the identification of the crack. Per data, this aircraft initially flew with Niki and LaudaMotion following its delivery in May 2008.

After a brief period with Eurowings following a 2019 delivery, the aircraft was converted in Singapore to a freighter aircraft. Following a conversion, the plane returned to Germany to begin life with the operator.

Lufthansa Cargo aired on the side caution following the single crack being identified, with all other units being initially pulled from service as a response.

The freight operator re-approved the entry of two units into service in a matter of days after pulling all units from service as a precaution. However, two aircraft are still listed as parked as investigations are carried out under the circumstances.

Lufthansa Cargo parking aircraft impacts their day-to-day operations by significantly reducing available fleet and cargo space to conduct routine services.

A repair is expected to be carried out following an investigation of what was found on D-AEUC, per the latest statements.

The Lufthansa Cargo Operation

Lufthansa Cargo has a fleet of 15 aircraft in total, spread across 4 Airbus A321P2Fs, and its most extensive reliance sits on the 777 Freighter with 11 units.

Data indicates that the Airbus A321P2FS sit at an average age of 15 years, with the 777F averaging 7.3 years.

While two units are listed as parked and registered as D-AEUC and D-AEUI, the remaining two A321P2Fs are back in service, having been cleared.

Daniel Fowkes
12 Jan 2024
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