Lufthansa Announces New A380 Routes

Hitching a ride, Lufthansa A380 "Brussel " getting a tow to remote parking in Frankfurt Airport.

Lufthansa has announced its intent to fly their flagship, the Airbus A380, to more destinations in 2023 following the reactivation of the type.

The German flag carrier grounded the Airbus A380 during the height of the pandemic due to plummeting demand. Of course, they weren’t the only airline to do such a thing, but they did decide to welcome it back. Whether they were forced or not remains a question for another day.

Lufthansa will deploy its Airbus A380 on Los Angeles and Bangkok routes from October 2023. These are specifically slated to launch on October 5th and October 28th. The routes will originate out of Munich Airport, the new home of the A380.

Lufthansa already plans to fly its A380s to Boston and New York JFK for the summer season. These routes were previously announced and will be the first routes the type will be deployed following its reactivation. The Bangkok and Los Angeles routes are the latest to be added, and the expectation is more will be announced in due course.

The airline is slowly returning more Airbus A380s from storage to Germany, undergoing significant tests on the ground and in the air to prepare for reactivation.

Other airlines are also going through similar, notably Qantas and their own A380 reactivation plans that CEO Alan Joyce describes as gruelling and lengthy.

Daniel Fowkes
29 Apr 2023
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