Lufthansa Agrees Pay Rise For Flight Attendants

Daniel Fowkes
11 Apr 2024
· Airlines 
Lufthansa has agreed a pay rise of 16.5% with union UFO that represents up to 19,000 flight attendants with the national carrier.

Lufthansa has formally reached a pay rise deal with UFO, a union representing 19,000 of the airline’s cabin crew.

The German national carrier had been entangled with several pay disputes for varying positions across recent times that have resulted in strike action threats and, worse, actual strike action that has halted their network for several days.

As part of the new agreement, employees are slated to receive a 16.5% pay rise, which will take place in three stages. Additionally, there’ll be a 3,000 euro bonus plus an increase in allowances for those crew.

Lastly, UFO says its flight attendants will see an overall increase in holiday pay supplements, foreign language allowances, purser allowances, and other adjustments. The newest agreement is being signed and will run until 2026.

While the deal involves Lufthansa’s flight attendants, fellow Lufhtnasa Group members of Cityline and Discover Airlines are in the final stages of negotiations before an agreement can be reached.

Reaching an agreement with its flight attendants is not the first time the airline has rectified long-standing pay disputes amid a turbulent economy.

I am very pleased about the agreement with our collective bargaining partner UFO – for our colleagues in the cabin, who do an outstanding job every day, and also for our guests, who finally have planning security again in this regard when flying with Lufthansa. Our goal has always been to find a solution at the negotiating table together with the union. We have now succeeded in doing so. At the same time, the agreed salary developments in all professional groups are also an economic challenge that we now have to deal with.

Dr. Michael Niggemann, Chief Human Resources Officer and Labor Director of Deutsche Lufthansa AG

Salary Increases For Many Roles

In August of 2023, the airline reached a long-term deal with its pilots that would see salaries increase 18% over four years. However, even with this agreement, there was still much work to be done.

Towards the end of March 2024, Lufthansa agreed with Verdi, a trade union representing its ground crew. The agreement provided a 12.5% rise in the crew’s pay over the next four years.

Flight attendants were next on the list for the major airline that has struggled to go several months without some form of strike action or threats from unions over a prospective strike.

As part of the airline’s latest remedies, strike action in these positions has been avoided for the foreseeable future. This is a massive boost for the airline despite now seeing significant salary increases, as the overall disruption to its network can be limited.

Additionally, flight attendants’ latest salary hike is deemed positive by the union and a step in the right direction for a more secure future.

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