Lufthansa A380 Back Flying With Passengers


After three years on the ground, Lufthansa has finally returned its Airbus A380s to service.

The return comes following multiple changes in decision-making that initially saw the plane grounded, then retired for good, and now returning in some capacity to the German flag-carriers operations.

D-AIMK operated the first flight carrying passengers in over three years, originating from Munich and heading towards Boston Logan as LH424.

Costs to operate, paired with the rising implications of the global pandemic, meant in 2020, the airline grounded the type like most airlines. However, eventually, the airline was, some may say, forced to reverse the decision as rising demand and a lack of available aircraft being delivered from manufacturers on time meant they were struggling to meet demand.

The A380s will call Munich home to continue re-adding Airbus A380s to commercial flying in the coming months. By year’s end, Los Angeles, Bangkok, New York JFK, and Boston will see frequent flights with the Lufthansa A380.

Other airlines, such as Qantas and Etihad Airways, are also preparing Airbus A380s and returning them to service as demand grows.

Daniel Fowkes
02 Jun 2023
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