Lion Air Ungrounds Boeing 737-9s

Daniel Fowkes
19 Jan 2024
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Lion Air has announced the ungrounding of its Boeing 737-9s following a period on the ground while inspections took place.

Lion Air has ungrounded three Boeing 737-9s following approval from Indonesian regulators.

The Lion Air Grounding

Interestingly, a grounding of the Boeing 737-9 for Lion Air did not come because the door plug was at the centre of attention on their units. The airline says their aircraft had a mid-cabin emergency exit door type II.

171 total aircraft had been mandated to be parked until further notice. However, while many customers were forced to ground their units, aviation regulators in Indonesia exercised caution.

As a precautionary method, 737-9s were grounded in response to the Alaska Airlines incident until further investigations occurred.

Lion Air and the relevant regulators are satisfied with the proceedings that have taken place since and are happy to return the aircraft to service.

Additionally, the carrier and regulators would inspect the aircraft before reapproving it into service.

The Other 737-9s Grounded

The fate of the affected 737-9s that remain grounded is the same as the day they were parked.

The FAA and Boeing are working diligently to proceed with issuing a formal inspection process for customers; however, those proper inspections are yet to take place for now.

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