Korean Air To Order Airbus A350s

Korean Air is reportedly close to ordering the Airbus A350 to simplify its fleet and prepare for the upcoming Asiana Airlines merger.

Korean Air is reported to be closing in on a new order for aircraft, which would include boosting its widebody fleet.

If completed, and per Bloomberg News reports, the airline is looking to purchase up to 20 A350 aircraft from Airbus as part of its future fleet planning.

The Airbus A350 has yet to be featured with Korean Air; however, with older Boeing 777s present, a purchase would continue to allow modernising its widebody long-haul offering. More efficiency would arrive at the business and greater customer satisfaction levels.

With an announcement coming as soon as this week, if concluded and to the liking of all parties, the airline would significantly boost its commitment to aircraft.

Additionally, such a purchase aligns with the airline’s ambition to take over Asiana Airlines. With that merger in mind and continuing to obtain relevant approvals, the airline feels a new purchase is required.

Fleet simplification is a huge focal point of the airline’s short—to medium-term agenda, as it looks to acquire Asiana Airlines and become considerably more efficient.

Some key fleet decisions are expected to be made over the coming years, such as Korean Air’s clear decision not to take on Asiana Airlines’ A380 fleet, an aircraft type already operated by Korean Air.

Away from passenger operations, the pair of airlines must dispose of freight businesses and align them with other critical changes to get a deal approved.

While approval has come in several locations, the airlines are still awaiting a formal decision from the United States, which is one of the last decisions required before a merger can be finalised and Korean Air can absorb Asiana Airlines.

At the moment, Korean Air does not fly the Airbus A350. However, Asiana Airlines relies strongly on it to fulfil its network. Moving forward, critical investments such as these will be essential to allow for fleet simplification and modernisation efforts.

Daniel Fowkes
18 Mar 2024
· Aircraft 
· Airlines 

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