KLM Unveils Updated Livery For A321neo

Daniel Fowkes
14 Feb 2024
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KLM has unveiled an updated livery for its upcoming Airbus A321neo as it looks to enter a new era of efficiency.

KLM has revealed an updated livery set to debut on its first Airbus A321neo, due in the next few months.

In the revised livery, a dark line separating the KLM blue and white swoops will extend further down, rendering the nose dome completely blue.

While a critical design choice, it additionally allows for flexibility if the nose dome does need to be replaced as a new one, thus not disrupting the blue markings labelled as signature.

KLM was hardly going to overhaul its livery for the arrival of the A321neo. The airline always ensured its signature blue and other distinctive features were intact. However, ever-so-slight updates are essential for the company to continue moving forward.

A black outline will also be added around the cockpit windows, something many have become accustomed to in recent years with next-generation Airbus offerings.

KLM is excited to welcome the Airbus A321neo into its fleet. The first of around thirty A321neos is expected to commence operations in August.

The arrival of the A321neo marks a major upgrade of our European fleet. It is 50% quieter and generates 15% fewer carbon emissions than the aircraft it is replacing, making this an important step towards cleaner, quieter and more fuel-efficient aviation.

Marjan Rintel, CEO KLM

Additionally, Copenhagen, Berlin, and Stockholm have been unveiled as the initial destinations; this announcement was made before the livery reveal.

According to KLM, the A321neo will have wider seats, larger tray tables, and spacious luggage bins. Every seat will have a tablet holder with a USB port, and KLM says it has additionally ensured that multi-coloured mood lighting will be present.

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