JetBlue To End American Airlines Partnership

Daniel Fowkes
06 Jul 2023
· Airlines 
jetblue new livery airbus a321

JetBlue has announced its intent to end its partnership with American Airlines, which made up the Northeast Alliance (NEA).

A decision comes following an intense period of court proceedings, rulings and more involving a firm judgment against the NEA. Both American Airlines and JetBlue said that the understanding of what the NEA brought to customers was lacking when a final decision came.

After much consideration, JetBlue says it won’t appeal the court’s ruling that the Northeast Alliance cannot continue in its current form. A decision that has taken a substantial amount of deliberation as the pair attempt to figure out what’s best looking ahead.

That said, JetBlue said that their unique business model saw NEA succeed exactly how they intended and saw growth across the board. According to JetBlue, customers were the number one winners, with high quality and low fares being readily available. While capacity was also subsequently increased, an alternative to the already established Delta and United became present.

JetBlue further adds that as it works out a means to tie down a deal with Spirit Airlines, focusing on mending the NEA has become second fiddle. JetBlue wants to put all its weight behind securing this agreement as it believes it’s the next step to creating an even larger and more successful business.

To make the U.S. aviation industry a Big Four, JetBlue will work diligently towards acquiring all the approval necessary to bring Spirit and themselves together. Although, it’ll be no easy feat, with many hurdles to overcome.

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