Japan Airlines To Add Boeing 767 Freighters


Japan Airlines has unveiled sizeable news for its fleet, announcing it’ll welcome three 767-300ER freighters by the end of the 2023 fiscal year.

The company wants to improve its freight operations, and thus the series has been selected as the primary candidate for these services.

The 767’s rise as a freighter has undoubtedly become apparent, thanks to the pure-born 767Fs from Boeing and the mammoth amount of possible conversions.

The acquisition news is historic of Japan Airlines, why you may ask? Well, it’s the first time in 13 years that the operator will fly pure main deck freighter equipment.

Japan Airlines says it only wants to improve its freight sector revenues. It has already seen positive results through flexible business operations by using cargo space on passenger flights and chartering it to companies.

These initiatives as a company are hugely important for an airline, whether it’s one as large as Japan Airlines or for smaller companies. Finding ways to adapt and maximise revenues wherever possible is fantastic. Initiatives that have now led the airline to announce its intent to acquire 767F’s for their flights.

East Asia is said to be the focus for Japan Airlines when these 767Fs are delivered to the company, with room to expand in the future with the addition of new equipment should the initial jets be an overwhelming success.

Japan Airlines further says that it just wants to target maximise optimisation with the aircraft, whether the number of times it flies, its overall load or anything in between.

Per Cirium data, Japan Airlines currently has 27 Boeing 767s. These 767s are naturally beginning to age, with the oldest exceeding 20 years and the mean being 16 years. With options to convert these to freights, no doubt questions will arise.

Daniel Fowkes
04 May 2023
· Freight 

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