Iraqi Airways To Auction 747s

iraqi airways boeing 747-200c

Two Boeing 747s are being put up for auction by Iraqi Airways, offering the chance to purchase older Boeing 747s.

Registered as YI-AGP and YI-ALM, they are respectively a 747-200 and 747SP. YI-AGP was first delivered to Iraqi Airways back in July 1982. However, interestingly was stored in 1990 and had a staggering age of 41.1 years.

Meanwhile, YI-ALM was delivered to the Iraqi Government in 1982 before being stored in 1991. These variants have spent the best of the last three decades in storage at Tozeur–Nefta International Airport.

The report by Flightglobal highlights the intention to auction the pair and that they’ve been parked for a considerable period in Western Tunisia. These aircraft are not getting any younger, and if successfully auctioned, the plane’s purpose is also up for debate.

That being said, Iraqi Airways has undergone substantial changes to its fleet and will continue doing so in the future. The airline recently acquired next-generation aircraft such as the A220, 787 and others while it’ll look to acquire more aircraft moving forward.

Daniel Fowkes
26 Jul 2023
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    2. They could go to a museum, convert to accommodation, make it a sim. It doesn’t need to be airworthy to have a use

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