Hawaiian Airlines Welcomes First Boeing 787

Hawaiian Airlines has welcomed its first Boeing 787 Dreamliner as it prepares to enter a new era of its operations with future strong growth.

Hawaiian Airlines has celebrated the welcoming home of its first Boeing 787-9 following a delivery flight from South Carolina the week before.

For Hawaiian, the delivery of the aircraft has been a long time in the making and followed several significant order shifts that eventually saw them decide on the Dreamliner. The first aircraft is registered as N781HA.

From the moment you step onboard, you’ll see that the Hawaiian culture is woven into the design of this 787 Dreamliner. It immediately connects passengers to the beauty of the islands. It’s an honor to know this airplane will bring Hawai’i to the world for years to come.

Darren Hulst, vice president of commercial marketing at Boeing.

Hawaiian says that over 1,500 employees joined the festivities to officially welcome the new fleet type with guided tours wherever possible. The acquisition of the Dreamliner is generally considered a huge milestone in not just the airline’s history but also its future.

The capabilities of the aircraft far exceed any other fleet type currently present in its operations, with a commitment to the A330, the only other aircraft capable of twin-aisle flying to long-haul destinations.

By adding the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the airline can expand its network significantly, with more locations now within reach. Additionally, it can add capacity to several key markets while easing pressure on other fleet types in service.

What’s Next For The Boeing 787

While delivery has been completed for the Boeing 787, the aircraft type won’t be ready for true long-haul scheduled commercial services.

Hawaiian Airlines says that over the next two months, the aircraft will complete familiarisation flights between Hawaii and locations in North America. After this familiarisation period, a common occurrence for newly delivered aircraft types that airlines are unfamiliar with.

Hawaiian expects the first 787-9 to enter service on April 15. The selected connection between Honolulu and San Francisco will get the first taste of the true Dreamliner product.

N780HA will be the second delivered 787 Dreamliner scheduled to be delivered to the company next month. Once this delivery is completed and a familiarisation period occurs, the airline will use these two planes together to service the locations of Los Angeles and Phoenix from May 15 and May 16.

Three Boeing 787-9s are expected to be delivered by year’s end. Ultimately, this is three of the 12 total aircraft that have been ordered by the airline as part of growth plans.

Ultimately, the 787-9 is more than just a new aircraft. It represents an exciting growth phase for our company as we build on our 95 years of service and connect more people with aloha. I am excited for you to be among the first to see it, and even more excited for our employees to see it for the first time along with their ‘ohana. They have waited a long time for this special day.

Peter Ingram, president and CEO of Hawaiian Airlines
Daniel Fowkes
25 Feb 2024
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