First Airbus A350 Freighter Revealed


Airbus has revealed the winning livery design for its upcoming A350 Freighter.

Unveiled at the 2023 Paris Airshow, the design process has been lengthy, combining two winning designs to identify this aircraft as a freighter.

Anyone was allowed to submit a livery, essentially using the fuselage as a giant canvas to showcase their ideas creatively.

However, Airbus did outline some areas they wanted to focus on, specifically that it was for air freight rather than passenger services.

The Airbus A350F is part of the next generation of freighters, and as per Airbus, it’ll enter service in the coming years following already incurring delay.

It’ll be paired with the 777-8F as the two leading next-generation freighters by the next decade. With time, the ambition is to grow the customer base which Airbus says has already seen an encouraging order tally.

Those design winners will be flown to Airbus HQ to witness the first flight of their special livery and a private tour of the facility—a life-changing moment for the aviation enthusiasts who poured heart and effort into the design.

Daniel Fowkes
22 Jun 2023
· Aircraft 
· Freight 

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