Fiji Airways Partners With JetBlue

Fiji Airways announces a new interline partnership with JetBlue to expand its North American network

Fiji Airways has announced the emergence of an interline partnership with JetBlue.

An announcement is with the view that Fiji Airways can increase its connectivity towards critical North American markets.

Thanks to a partnership being signed with JetBlue, guests can be welcomed beyond the U.S. thanks to the 100 domestic and international destinations. These locations include New York, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Utah, San Juan, Los Angeles and Boston.

There are also visible benefits for those needing to utilise the Fiji Airways network as a JetBlue customer. The geographical positioning of Nadi means Australia, New Zealand, and Asian destinations are within reach.

Additionally, there’s the ability to explore the Pacific Islands, which offers guests a wonderful retreat. Fiji adds that all these are accessible on one ticket.

The deal ultimately means guests can purchase fares on both carriers through one ticket. This means for customers, optimal network connectivity is on offer. This also includes the through-check from the initial departure location to the final destination on the ticket.

Comments From Executives

Americans who have been yearning for a holiday in Fiji will now find it much easier to connect onto our flights out of Los Angeles and San Francisco. Research tells us that many Americans have a misconception that Fiji is too far away, and difficult to get to. With this partnership, Fiji Airways has made it even more convenient to reach our Fijian paradise. We have been exploring innovative means to grow our footprint in the United States, and I am delighted that JetBlue has come onboard as an interline partner.

Fiji Airways Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Andre Viljoen

Fiji Airways Set To Grow In North America

As part of the current network, Fiji Airways offers daily service between Nadi and Los Angeles. Additionally, there’s service five times weekly from Nadi to San Francisco.

Ultimately, despite recent expansion, the carrier has offered a modest widebody fleet, and the interline agreement with JetBlue allows for maximum reach within North America.

All this is possible without the airline launching its services to specific markets that may not be within reach. Meanwhile, U.S. carrier JetBlue gets optimal access to Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Daniel Fowkes
10 Dec 2023
· Airlines 

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