Fiji Airways Adds Another Airbus A350

Fiji Airways continues its growth plans by adding another Airbus A350.

The new Airbus A350-900 is now the third of the series in the carrier’s operation and is named Island of Beqa.

Since acquiring the Airbus A350, Fiji Airways has utilised it on various missions and says that the third aircraft will help with further expansion into North America and Northern Asia. It is widely recognised as a leader in the market for aircraft.

This Airbus A350 delivered was also put into storage immediately after production, meaning Fiji Airways was able to secure a fantastic deal to acquire the jet and so soon as well.

These new aircraft arriving are all part of a plan outlined in 2017 to improve the company. The strategies for the national airline came in 5 key points, and one of those points was updating the fleet to new fuel-efficient planes.

Fiji Airways won’t stop at just a third unit with plans to acquire a fourth, but the timeline for this unit’s arrival remains a little more unclear.

Cities such as Dallas, Seattle, Beijing, Shanghai and Seoul are destinations it believes are popular and could be very useful to its network. Therefore acquiring more A350s and even just this third unit will significantly increase their chances of launching some of these destinations.


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