FAA To Increase Oversight On United Airlines

The FAA will increase its oversight of United Airlines over the coming months following several safety concerns aboard its aircraft.

United Airlines has become one of the latest companies to face increased oversight by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) following a series of safety concerns emerging.

As part of the announcement unveiled on March 23, the FAA said it wanted to ensure that United continued to comply with safety regulations.

Additionally, the regulator focused on United specifically because it’s been subject to many safety incidents in recent months that have made headlines worldwide.

The investigation and overall increased oversight will focus on ensuring that United Airlines is compliant. This will be achieved by analysing the company’s current hazards and ensuring that changes can ultimately be made to mitigate risk.

Since the beginning of 2024, panels have gone missing upon arriving at airports, aircraft have rolled into grass patches, and several other minor concerns have occurred. While none of these incidents were fatal, the FAA wants to understand why this is happening to United.

These increases in oversight aren’t uncommon in the airline industry, especially within the U.S. sector. United has experienced such a thing before, and other airlines in the U.S. have similar experiences, a theme that has occurred over a decade.

However, the motive to investigate United Airlines now rather than in two years has been spurred on thanks to several incidents that have occurred in quick succession and become a cause of concern for the FAA.

Increased Oversight Industry-wide

Analysts argue that the FAA’s move to increase oversight into United Airlines shouldn’t be a shock when understanding how 2024 has played out thus far.

The door blowout incident aboard an Alaska Airlines 737 MAX led to a new crisis at Boeing, which has once more sparked new concerns around safety and flying scrutiny.

The FAA’s comments on United will likely show that they are doing their due diligence to ensure that customers can continue to feel safe aboard aircraft; this confidence may have slipped in recent months.

United Airlines welcomes input from the Federal Aviation Adminsitration (FAA), who ultimately want the industry to be a better place. United says that the FAA has the potential to provide them with valuable insight to understand better what they’re doing wrong.

Daniel Fowkes
31 Mar 2024
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