Ethiopian Airlines Orders Boeing 777X

Ethiopian Airlines has announced an order for the Boeing 777X with the new aircraft, once delivered to be a flagship and enable expansion.

Ethiopian Airlines has become the newest customer of the Boeing 777X with a brand new order for the upcoming widebody aircraft.

The deal includes a purchase of eight of the Boeing 777-9 jets with further options for an additional 12 aircraft, should they wish to be activated. Many discussions around these options include the 777-8F, the newly launched freighter based on the 777X passenger series.

Once delivered, the 777-9, according to Ethiopian Airlines, will be their new flagship, with the fantastic advancements featured on the aircraft on show for the world.

Making up more than half the current Ethiopian Airlines fleet, Boeing says they’re pleased the airline has returned to the manufacturer to purchase this 777X to aid their fleet growth efforts and bring in the next-generation aircraft.

Ultimately, the deal accompanies a purchase that was made in 2023 that featured 11 787 Dreamliners and 20 737 MAX aircraft. This commitment was labelled a landmark, and now, the 777X purchase will propel Ethiopian Airlines into a new era of operations.

Comments From Executives

We are pleased to continue setting the trend in African aviation by adopting cutting-edge technologies to enhance our services and customer satisfaction. Improving our operational performance and commitment to environmental sustainability, the 777-9 offers more flexibility, reduced fuel consumption and carbon emissions

Ethiopian Airlines Group CEO Mr. Mesfin Tasew.

Ethiopian Airlines marks yet another first in our longstanding partnership by selecting the 777-9 to be the flagship of its growing fleet. Building on a relationship that goes back 75 years, we deeply value the unwavering trust and confidence Ethiopian Airlines puts in our airplanes.

Brad McMullen, Boeing senior vice president of Commercial Sales and Marketing.

Important Order For The 777X

For Boeing, a new commitment for the 777X is a considerable development and a move in the right direction for a series that has sometimes struggled to acquire firm interest.

Some will often forget that the aircraft has been around for a considerable period, following a launch in the early to mid-2010s. However, now, three months into 2024, the jet remains uncertified.

As a result of several delays to the certification process, a global pandemic, and internal issues at Boeing, among many more, analysts have flagged this uncertainty as a reason to express visible caution when exploring the 777X as a widebody option.

The last few months, however, were met with not just this order but a top-up from Emirates, and in 2023, Air India confirmed their commitment. The 777X, once it enters service, will be able to flex its muscles and give prospective customers a greater sample size of its potential.

Daniel Fowkes
06 Mar 2024
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