Emirates Unhappy With Boeing 777X

Daniel Fowkes
08 May 2024
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An Emirates Boeing 777X

Emirates has once more expressed its disappointment in Boeing’s ongoing inability to get the 777X certified and thus delivered on time.

Emirates Chairman Sheik Ahmed Bin Saeed expressed frustrations during the Arabian Travel Market. He added that Boeing had reassured the company that the issues would be addressed, but this didn’t stop Emirates’ frustrations.

The 777X was expected to enter service initially in 2020. Delays to certification and subsequent EIS of new aircraft such as this widebody aren’t uncommon. However, the lengthy delays the aircraft has experienced are increasing frustrations at companies.

Boeing is still forecasting a certification of the 777X sometime in the first half of 2025, and Emirates has backed that up with its latest comments. However, the subsequent delivery of the aircraft and the ability to formally enter the aircraft into service under a timeframe that remains unclear.

Sheik Ahmed Bin Saeed said that the lack of a firm timeframe means the company is experiencing significant pressure. These pressures notably relate to the ongoing retrofit programme, which focuses on upgrading existing planes.

While the programme is an important part of the business, the Chairman considers preserving the company’s existing aircraft particularly important.

The preservation of existing aircraft and alignment with inbound types, such as the A350, are due to ongoing 777X delays. Emirates says it’s being forced to aircraft types slated for retirement longer than expected because of associated delays.

Emirates is being forced to retain older existing aircraft to mitigate losses from the delayed entry into service of the Boeing 777X.

The Dubai-based airline has expressed frustrations over the 777X program and the ongoing delays. As a result, the chairman’s latest comments cannot be considered a fresh development.

Additionally, at the end of 2023, the company agreed to boost its order for the 777X despite frustrations. Analysts argue that the frustrations could’ve easily led to a hefty discount as a long-time Boeing customer and repeat order for the widebody series.

Boeing’s Internal Battles

Despite Boeing’s attempts to rectify frustrations and ensure it can stick to the forecast provided, customers are expressing doubts.

Only last week, Lufthansa’s CEO said he didn’t expect to formally enter the 777X into their commercial operations until summer 2026, at best.

Boeing’s executive team is experiencing a significant internal shakeup. These changes are in response to the fresh quality-related issues at the company that were meant to be ironed out.

Once the 777X enters service, it’s expected to be a game changer for companies. However, when that happens is another question that remains unanswered.

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