Emirates New Livery Revealed

Daniel Fowkes
17 Mar 2023
· Airlines 

In what has primarily been unexpected, Emirates has revealed a brand new livery that’ll debut on its Airbus A380. The design is a refresh of its currently existing scheme with only subtle changes being made.

Compared to the previous livery, it is a modern interpretation, sticking to the core principles that make the brand iconic rather than going in another direction.

One of the most significant changes is the titles are much larger than their previous scheme. In addition, the winglets have been significantly upgraded, with the outer part painted red and the inner design featuring the UAE flag, similar to the tail. Lastly, the airline has boosted its tail design to make the flag pop. It resembles Aeroflot’s tail significantly. However, it is a worthy upgrade that modernises the design while keeping it the same.

Emirates winglet and new tail design

Emirates’ brand is one of the most distinctive globally, meaning if any changes are to be made, they must be subtle. That’s what Emirates has achieved with this livery revamp.

All Emirates aircraft will eventually sport this new livery. The carrier further notes that any aircraft to be delivered from here on out will also arrive in the latest colours.

Aircraft livery is the most instantly recognisable brand real estate for any airline. It’s a visual representation of our unique identity, something we wear proudly, and display in all the cities we fly to around the world. We’re refreshing our livery to keep it modern, without losing the key elements of our identity such as the UAE flag on our tailfin and the Arabic calligraphy.

Sir Tim Clark, Emirates President

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