Emirates Celebrates 10 Years Of Milan To New York

Emirates Airbus A380 taxiing at Milan Airport

Emirates is celebrating ten years of carrying passengers between Milan and New York.

Since its launch in 2013, the Dubai-based airline has carried more than 1.8 million passengers.

Emirates has also been hugely responsible since the launch of services for facilitating trade between Italy, the US, and the rest of the world. They are quoting at uplifting over 37,000 tonnes of export cargo.

These exports range from apparel to food items and jewellery. Milan, per Emirates, is known as a fashion capital on a global scale. Looking towards the US, Emirates has been able to export essential apparel, textiles, spare parts, and chemicals. These items are all used across a host of industries.

Emirates further notes that it also connects both communities with a sponsorship portfolio that covers major sporting events and teams. Emirates has a longstanding partnership with AC Milan, alongside the ATP Tour, Rugby World Cup and UAE Team Emirates.

Daniel Fowkes
05 Oct 2023
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