Emirates Boosts A380 Flights


Continuing with its network expansion and rebuild, Emirates has announced that effective from 29th October 2023, the airline will see 28 weekly flights to and from Cairo.

By the time the airline has executed operations to the location as it wishes, it’ll have four daily flights. This’ll comprise of 3 with the A380 and 1 with the 777. In the MENA region outside of Dubai, Cairo holds the crown of the location with the highest deployment of A380 services.

Emirates has been a long operator of aircraft. In addition, they’re the largest operator of the A380 by a country mile. Per Cirium data, the airline currently has 87 active, with 34 remaining in storage. So if fully operational, they’d have a fleet of 121 A380s.

Following the boost in flights, the boosted A380 capacity will look like this:

First daily flight
EK921 departs at 12:00hrs from Dubai, arriving in Cairo at 14:15hrs.
EK922 departs at 00:45hrs from Cairo, arriving in Dubai at 21:45hrs.

Second daily flight
EK925 departs at 20:40hrs from Dubai, arriving in Cairo at 22:55hrs.
EK926 departs at 00:40hrs from Cairo, arriving in Dubai at 06:10hrs.

Emirates first launched operations in Cairo in 1986, and since then, it has only continued to expand its commitment to the location. As a result, the company has experienced steady growth, which has only seen it increase its capacity.

Daniel Fowkes
19 Feb 2023
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  1. I’m from MÍAMI and hopefully Emirates starts flying the A380 to and from MIA in the near future

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