Emirates Announces Further Route Changes


It’s been a busy week for Emirates, with critical news emerging left, right and centre. Now the airline has announced more A380 developments.

Its flagship, the A380, from the 15th of April, will replace the 777-300ER on service to Casablanca. Meaning the Airbus A380 will once more connect Dubai with Morroco.

For leisure and business travellers being targeted, there are now more opportunities to connect Casablance with cities around the globe. Europe, West Asia and the Middle East now all being more accessible.

Morocco is hoping to see tourism return following a turbulent few years. The addition of the Airbus A380 from Emirates shows support for these attempts. However, it’s not the only market Emirates has upsized on aircraft being offered to support returning demand and tourism.

Emirates has rolled its A380 back out onto several locations in recent weeks. Thus far, they have it featured on 40 destinations worldwide. However, by the end of the summer season, they’ll see it at 50 destinations. According to the airline, this represents close to 90% of its pre-pandemic A380 network.

Emirates Airbus A380 air to air – Source: Emirates

As part of these plans to expand its network, the carrier has announced in response to China’s re-opening, it has resumed passenger services to Shanghai and Beijing. In addition, they’ll boost connectivity between critical gateways ahead of the Lunar Near Year and in response to heightened travel to demand.

Shanghai will resume from the 20th of January with a twice-weekly service. Meanwhile, Guangzhou will become a daily nonstop flight from the 1st of February. Finally, Beijing will see service recommenced from the 15th of March, 2023.

Daniel Fowkes
20 Jan 2023
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  1. I hopefully Emirates starts the A380 service to and from MIA replacing the Boeing 777 in the near future. MÍA is my hometown airport

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