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Emirates intends to rebuild its network and expand, using the A380 as a critical aircraft for those ambitions.

Nice, Birmingham and Glasgow have been listed by the Dubai-based airline as destinations it’ll add Airbus A380s too in the coming months. Glasgow’s A380 service will begin on 26th March 2023. Nice in France will see the A380 from 1st June 2023 and Birmingham from 1st July 2023.

Emirates’ commitment to the A380 as its flagship is enormous. The carrier is unrivalled in terms of units operating, with over 80 A380s currently in service for the airline. For the next couple of years, the airline will refurbish a significant portion of its A380s to enhance customer experience. This is part of a USD 2 billion program that saw the first A380 re-enter service at the beginning of this year.

Emirates says that from May 2023, it’ll boost its commitment to London with a second daily service to London Stansted. 11 daily flights will operate from Dubai to the capital and Emirates will use a 777-300ER from Boeing to fly the service.

The Boeing 777 is integral to Emirates’ operations alongside the Airbus A380.

Emirates’ commitment to London is enormous. Six daily services will operate in London Heathrow and three in London Gatwick. The remaining two feature in London Stansted. Per Cirium, they offer 186 flights for JAN 2023 to London Heathrow, resulting in 96,534 seats available. Meanwhile, thanks to a daily flight London Stansted sees 31 flights for JAN 2023, resulting in 11,346 seats.

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18 Jan 2023
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  2. Great to hear someone is taking advantage of the beautiful a380 really fantastic plane and very comfortable for journey.
    Good work emirates

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  3. I will not be using Emirates again after an horrendous journey from Cebu in the Philippines to Manchester via Clarke and Dubai. Bad service on the planes and to cap it all my luggage had not arrived with me on the plane on touch down in Manchester. I waited 4 days for it to be eventually delivered with cases arriving at my home on different days and Emirates not giving a damn about my situation when phoning them. I was travelling business class and having sent in a complaint all they can offer me In compensation was a few air miles. They have lost their credibility in my eyes. Their service is not a patch on Qatar Airways who also offer you Pyjamas.

  4. Will be using them to fly from Bangkok to Manchester but wish they did a service to Leeds/Bradford. It’s a pain getting to the other airports that they serve in the UK.

  5. I Want to know why I have lost 40.000 miles from my skywards. My travel was compromised due to covid.

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  6. For longtime I am one the Emirates Airline customer, and i am very happy the good services and best welcomes, with new and checked Airplanes..Keep going to make happy people from around the world.

  7. Perhaps some thing for BRITISH AIRWAYS to learn if you give good service people will fly with you.

  8. I do a small amount of travelling for work.

    But when they sent me to our India office, my first leg from Manchester to Dubai was on the A380.
    I was so thrilled. A walk up bar! I know it’s only a gimmick and my second leg was on a Boeing, and their pods are nice too.

    Still!!! A walk up bar!

  9. We had to rush to UK again last week for compassionate reasons, only bkg the day before. The A380 PER to DXB Was excellent service, I use a Wchr. Much superior to our trip over with QF last year which was appalling service for business class w Wchr. This time we were seated last row in business (due last min bkg), the bar was a novelty but after a while we couldn’t sleep as some pax were definately partying all night long very loudly. Cabin crew excellent. Connx flt was 777 DXB-BHX this time row 1, again very good service, extremely turbulent, felt sorry for cabin crew trying to do meal service on a jumpy castle. Will be glad when A380 offered on BHX leg. Chauffeur drive was excellent service both ends. Looking fwd to our trip home in a month. Definately will Not fly QF direct to Lhr, no comparison, bad service in air & on ground. Wrote an email detailed complaint to QF only response was “we will retrain our staff” end of. Not good enough Mr Joyce. Will stick with Emirates thankyou.

  10. Being a regular traveller with Emirates from UK too New Zealand ,the A 380 Business class and the chauffeur pick up ,s here and NZ for me is really a pleasant way too travel,mixing with other passenger,s in the lounge bar makes the long journey very pleasant.Don’t like the 777 as for me it is too noisy full stop.I like comfort in my journey.the more choice of 380s the better.😎.And before anybody thinks I am very privalidged I definitely am not.I like comfort.

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