El Al Israel Targets New Aircraft Order

Daniel Fowkes
01 Mar 2024
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El Al Israel Airlines is eyeing narrowbody aircraft from Airbus or Boeing as it looks to modernise its fleet and enhance satisfaction levels.

El Al Israel Airlines has become the latest airline to target new aircraft as it looks to renew and expand its fleet.

According to Reuters, short-haul aircraft are the number one priority of this order, as the airline looks towards Airbus and Boeing to provide them with something adequate for future decades.

Negotiations are still ongoing, and it is unclear which direction the airline will head. However, Airbus and Boeing will do everything possible to secure the lucrative contracts that have had their bumps in the road.

Due to conflict in the region, there has been a delay in the decision-making process and finalisation; however, the hope is that it’ll be wrapped up sooner rather than later.

A narrowbody renewal decision had previously been quoted as occurring in early 2024. This came following discussions that took place in August 2023 when the airline announced its intentions for the future regarding its fleet.

The ambition would be by 2028 to be operating 28-31 narrowbody aircraft. As part of this increase in narrowbody flying, their fleet would consist of more efficient aircraft types from either the A320neo or 737 MAX family of aircraft.

The El Al Fleet

El Al operates a fleet of 43 in-service aircraft spread across all Boeing-produced planes. However, among its oldest when measured by average age is a commitment to the 737 series.

Fleet data indicates that El Al has 24 Boeing 737 jets in service. This is spread across a commitment for the 737-800 and 737-900ER. The average age of the 737-800s is 19.6 years, making them the second oldest fleet type, only behind the 777.

As a result, and to become more efficient, the airline will seek these short-haul narrowbodies to boost its long-term financial position while enhancing the product it will offer customers.

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