El Al Israel Airlines To Fly to Australia From 2024


Australia will welcome a new airline in 2024 with the announcement that El Al will start nonstop scheduled flights to the country.

The flights will be between Tel Aviv in Israel and Melbourne, Australia. A sizeable moment as well for Victoria, who signed the letter of intent for the eventual launch of the service.

It’s expected that El Al’s service will initially be three times per week. While 2024 has been earmarked as the year when flights begin, a specific timeframe is yet to be confirmed, with the expectation that it’ll come in due course.

The launch of services was only announced in the past week as it wasn’t possible due to an airspace closure for Israeli airlines that needed to use Oman and Saudi Arabia for routes.

However, thanks to the opening of that airspace, the airline can now fly towards Australia without any restrictions impacting their flight path.

The announcement for El Al is vital after many failed attempts to begin flying to Australia. Essentially, this was thanks to the pandemic’s emergence, which halted their planned trial flights.

Now, though, they’re looking towards 2024 as the critical date when scheduled services can finally begin for customers.

Daniel Fowkes
21 Mar 2023
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  2. And yet they cut their successful service to Canada which had operated since the 60s. So disappointing for the community in Israel that supported them all these years.

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