EgyptAir Sells Airbus A220 Fleet

Daniel Fowkes
02 Feb 2024
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EgyptAir has sold its entire Airbus A220 fleet just years after taking delivery of the series as part of a fleet transformation process.

EgyptAir has decided to offload its entire fleet of Airbus A220s to leading aircraft lessor Azorra.

12 Aircraft Depart

EgyptAir had a fleet of 12 Airbus A220-300s that flew for only a short period. However, as the airline transformed and reviewed its fleet, the A220 was deemed surplus.

The aircraft will be destined for Azorra following the US lessor saying it’ll acquire the aircraft in a bid to support the transformation process being undertaken by EgyptAir.

Ultimately, the A220-300s are young, and Azorra says they are well-maintained with updated engines. Given the strong demand for the A220, Azorra believes they’ll find a new home relatively quickly.

Azorra says they’re thankful to EgyptAir for the trust and confidence in allowing Azorra to help acquire the A220s.

Writing On The Wall?

EgyptAir’s fleet of Airbus A220s had been parked for some time with little to no use, thus raising questions about whether the airline might look to offload them.

Equally, when considering the ongoing Pratt & Whitney Geared Turbofan Engine issues, several airlines would likely prefer to cut their losses and remove the aircraft than navigate the turbulence.

Despite removing the A220s, some onlookers see the decision as puzzling given the airline’s strong ambitions for growth and to increase fleet size. Thus, removing some of the newest and most fuel-efficient aircraft in the A220 has left many people pondering.

Some reports over recent times have indicated that the A220 has struggled in more warm weather conditions; apart from engine issues that remain present, this wouldn’t be isolated with other airlines nearby feeling something similar.

The Airbus A220 Fleet

EgyptAir’s fleet of A220s was delivered over a multi-year period. However, equally, fleet data shows the aircraft were stored similarly.

Fleet data indicates the registrations of the A220 aircraft as follows:

  • SU-GEX
  • SU-GEY
  • SU-GEZ
  • SU-GFA
  • SU-GFB
  • SU-GFC
  • SU-GFD
  • SU-GFG
  • SU-GFI
  • SU-GFE
  • SU-GFF
  • SU-GFH

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  1. It’s sad to see such a seccefull bird leave our egyptian fleet as a result of our singed agreement with azorra we see hope that the entire a220 fleet leaving will offer more space in the airline to introduce the new a350-900 widebody and the b737max-8 we hope azorra maintains and uses these birds respectively and effectively

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