Delta Nears Airbus A350-1000 Order

Delta is reportedly nearing a deal for dozens of Airbus A350-1000s to grow its long-haul widebody fleet for future decades. The airline views the A350-1000 as an aircraft that'll help aid capacity and reduce pressure felt on its fleet of A350-900s.

Delta is closing in on a significant aircraft order with Airbus for widebody planes that has been a long time in the making as the airline continues to streamline.

Once completed, An order will represent a significant investment in the next generation of the fleet as the airline leverages the updated technology to its advantage.

A New Order

A deal reportedly includes dozens of Airbus A350-1000s, which would mark the first time the company commits to the high-capacity variant.

Delta already flies the Airbus A350-900. However, several solid calls have been made to the carrier to order the A350-1000. The higher capacity is viewed as ideal for Delta’s long-term operation.

Now, after much speculation and discussion, it would appear, per sources of Reuters, that the company is edging closer to securing that deal with the European plane maker.

According to Reuters sources, such a deal could be announced before the end of the week as the company gears up to publish its latest results. However, this is yet to be confirmed by either Airbus or Delta.

A Switch To Airbus

A commitment to the A350-1000 continues a shift from the major U.S. carrier towards Airbus. While a deal was recently placed for the 737 MAX, away from this, it has predominantly been for Airbus-produced jets.

The carrier flies the Airbus A321neo extensively and welcomed the A330-900 from the A330neo series. These aircraft types complement an ever-growing commitment to the A350 series, which is set to be extended from the A350-900 to the A350-1000.

Looking ahead at the company’s future deliveries, again excluding the 737 MAX, the large bulk of commitments come from Airbus-produced aircraft.

Once a deal for dozens of A350-1000s goes through, the future delivery book will only continue to be occupied by more of a variety of Airbus planes.

Long Time In The Making

Delta’s commitment to the Airbus A350-1000 has been a long time in the making, with sources close to the airline indicating a deal was essentially done some time ago.

However, as with the ever-changing industry, these negotiations, which can be deemed close, can regress for several reasons.

Insiders at the airline have noticed the high demand across services offered by the A350-900 over several years. The addition of the A350-1000 is viewed as an option to alleviate capacity issues.

While complicated, logistics with acquiring crews for the A350-1000 would be far more accessible than moving towards another aircraft type. Hence, the type has seemed like the most natural addition for the company.

Daniel Fowkes
10 Jan 2024
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  1. I am thrilled for Delta, I am a retired Northwest Airlines employee who was extremely saddened by Delta’s closure of The Orient routes after Delta merged with Northwest. Now MAYBE there is hope by ordering the A350-1000, that Delta might re-open some of the Orient routes again

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