Delta Buys Another Airbus A330neo

Delta Airbus A330-900 in Tokyo

Delta has boosted its commitment to the Airbus A330neo by announcing it has ordered another A330-900. This was revealed during its latest news release.

The one lone unit will join the fleet in due course and add to Delta’s continuing reliance on Airbus units to power its long-haul fleet.

During the pandemic, Delta retired its fleet of Boeing 777s and, as such, for long-haul missions, has a handful of Boeing planes and the A350/A330neo combination from Airbus, propelling it forward, part of the next generation of aircraft.

Delta currently has 22 operational Airbus A330-900s, intending to acquire just under 20 more.

However, a new order for A330neos could very well be arriving soon as rumours have started up in recent months that the airline would look to source more widebodies.

The A350-1000, A350-900 and A330-900 are all subject to heightened interest from the airline as it looks to streamline while revamping its fleet. Delta already has 26 in-service A350-900s but is yet to commit or fly the largest member of that series, the -1000.

Daniel Fowkes
14 Jul 2023
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  1. Delta ought to go for the a350-1000 but Delta Airlines is a pretty conservative airline. They never even ordered the 777-300 series so it would not surprise me if they stuck to the a350-900, although I wish for them the a350-1000.

    1. They would be foolish not to order A350-1000, they have at least 8/9 routes that are almost always pay-load optimized, often going out with 100 seats open, don’t tell me they make money on that. I too, wish they would wake up and see the obvious. It’s not an option to keep running a major global airline, half-assed. They need at least 30 A350-1000’s and to replace B767/A330-200 at least 150 or more A330-800/900 aircraft, if not 200

  2. Delta has a few routes that the A350-900 is weight restricted, or pay-load optimized. Constantly departing with at least 100 open seats. The routes are LAX-SYD, soon LAX-AKL, ATL-JNB,ATL-CPT, HND-ATL, ICN-ATL, I suggest at least 30 A350-1000’s, just in case they re-open the money making ORIENT., ALSO, they need at least 200 new airplanes A330-800neo or 900neo to replace B757/767 aircraft and A330-200’s those airplanes are aging

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