China Airlines Eyes A350 & 777X

Boeing 777-9 rendering during flight

China Airlines is progressing with fleet renewal plans and is eyeing the Airbus A350-1000 or the Boeing 777X as potential suitors.

Per Bloomberg, the president of China Airlines said it needed to decide on a 777 replacement and that Airbus and Boeing’s next-generation widebodies were hot on its lists. However, it was yet to decide on a specific option.

As a result, Airbus and Boeing are attempting to win China Airlines over as a future customer, with each having a case for securing the contract.

China Airlines already flies 14 of the Airbus A350-900s and has ten 777-300ERs in service. As a result, it is extensively familiar with both aircraft families, with the pair jointly powering their international network.

The Boeing 777s within the China Airlines fleet average an age of only 8.2 years, which means immediate replacement isn’t necessarily required. This only opens up the possibilities for the 777X, which remains uncertified over the A350-1000; however, it could become a prime candidate if not immediately needed within the China Airlines operation.

Eventually, China Airlines will also take delivery of the Boeing 787, with the -9 and -10 being selected for operations and the continued fleet renewal and growth process.

Daniel Fowkes
04 Sep 2023
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