Cebu Pacific Expects To Ground Aircraft

Cebu Pacific Airbus A321neo arriving into Hamburg Airport

Pratt & Whitney’s continued issues with their PW1100G engines will now be impacted Cebu Pacific into 2024 with groundings.

Aircraft To Be Grounded In 2024

Philippines-based Cebu Pacific has revealed that it expects a maximum of 20 aircraft grounded at any one time during the 2024 calendar year.

The company says 10 to 20 units from the A320neo family will likely be impacted thanks to the need for engine inspections.

Such inspections come at an accelerated nature for airlines. As a result, these companies must find ways to cover for lost capacity and changes to their schedule.

Cebu says that ten aircraft will be grounded in January alone, which presents concerns for the scheduling of routes.

The issues related to Pratt and Whitney engines are labelled severe by critical executives at Cebu Pacific. Therefore, the grounding, while frustrating for day-to-day operations, is essential to maintain the safety of the aircraft and the broader company.

Ultimately, looking into 2024 forecasts have been adjusted regarding seat growth as the airline will be attempting to navigate the issues.

Despite these struggles, the airline remains optimistic that it’ll still see an enjoyable 2024. It hopes it’ll be able to serve as many customers as possible despite some operational challenges.

Cebu Pacific Rebuilding Strongly

Cebu Pacific, however, during its third-quarter results, highlighted that it’ll be able to beat pre-covid seat capacity by year’s end.

The carrier cites specifically network-wide recovery will be at 103%. While domestic recovery will carry over 100%, its international recovery will reach 93%.

Key markets such as those in the Middle East and more regional Asian locations are performing well, giving the company hope looking into 2024.

The Cebu Pacific Fleet

Cebu Pacific operates with 54 in-service aircraft currently. However, Cirium data highlights that 11 planes remain in storage.

The airline’s most significant fleet type is the A320-200, with 17 units. This is accompanied by 3 in storage, making for a total of 20.

Meanwhile, the airline operates two versions of the next-generation A320neo family, with the A321neo seeing 11 units in service and 13 A320neos.

Away from narrow bodies, the airline operates the A330-900, part of the A330neo.

Unfortunately, the airline will also face delivery delays in acquiring new aircraft. A fate experienced by most carriers within the industry now.

Daniel Fowkes
19 Nov 2023
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