Cargolux Boeing 747 Engine Slams Into Runway

Daniel Fowkes
18 Apr 2023
· Freight 

A Cargolux Boeing 747-400F has recently made headlines following imagery and videos revealing the aircraft was involved in quite the eventful landing.

Registered as LX-ECV, the 747-400F bound for Luxembourg during landing bounced quite significantly. As a result, the left-hand engine hit the ground. The hard landing was captured on video by Kyanspotting on Instagram.

The landing has been labelled abnormal, with several public members commenting on its relatively rapid approach and touchdown.

The 747 was forced to perform an immediate go-around before landing safely on its second attempt. The flight originated from Dubai World Central.

There’ll now be an investigation into the circumstances of the incident and just how it happened. However, while the aircraft sustained damage, it wasn’t enough to keep it out of service for long, and as a result, the plane was cleared to fly.

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