British Airways Eyes Big Boeing Or Airbus Order

EGLL - Boeing 777 - British Airways - G-VIIB Heathrow Airport, London

According to Bloomberg, the International Airlines Group, or IAG, home to British Airways and Aer Lingus, targets a new order for Airbus or Boeing aircraft.

The report indicates that the group is trying to acquire widebody jets that can operate long distances.

Notably, the focus is on replacing Boeing 777s at British Airways, the older portion of the fleet, which is beginning to age.

The Boeing 777 Fleet At British Airways

British Airways operates a fleet of over 200 aircraft; however, of the 240 active aircraft, 43 represent the 777-200ER, and interestingly, when measured by average age, these are the oldest within the fleet.

British Airways’ oldest 777-200ER sits at 26.7 years, with a mean of 23.5 years. These are, thus, substantially getting on in age, and for a leading national carrier attempting to move towards more fuel-efficient planes, a replacement is required.

20 New Aircraft For British Airways? 777X, 787 or A350?

The report from Bloomberg highlighted the desire for around 20 aircraft, with Airbus and Boeing being pitted against each other. However, specifics on the exact replacement have been identified.

British Airways operates a diverse portfolio of aircraft, especially for widebody operations. This includes the A350-1000s, all variants of the 787s, and the upcoming 777X, which remains uncertified and thus undelivered.

Therefore, whichever direction British Airways heads, thanks to IAG, is slated to be a familiar territory. It’ll be down to the respective plane makers to pitch their best deal and option to replace these 777s.

Daniel Fowkes
09 Oct 2023
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  1. Personally I think it will be the latest 777X once certified. Simply because present 777 series flown by present BA flight crews should take minimal time to convert . But just a personal theory.

  2. The LGW 777s are the oldest, I’d expect the LHR 777s will go to LGW while the newer planes will go to LHR, as BA LGW is a hand me down airport.

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