Breeze Airways To Expand Airbus A220 Fleet

Breeze Airways has announced an order for 10 further Airbus A220s and is committed to only flying Airbus-produced aircraft by late 2024.

Breeze Airways is continuing with its attempts to be a leader in the American aviation industry by announcing a further commitment to the Airbus A220.

As part of the latest deal, Breeze Airways will acquire an additional 10 A220-300s, bringing total firm orders for the aircraft type to 90.

Additionally, the airline will now be the third largest customer for the A220 series worldwide, a substantial achievement for the still relatively young airline in the United States.

Interestingly, these orders have come from purchase rights converted into firm orders. While these ten options have been altered, there are still 30 remaining should the airline believe more jets are required.

The aircraft offers efficient operations and an outstanding passenger experience, all while operating with the world’s lowest small single-aisle carbon footprint and a lower noise footprint in the communities where it flies. This additional order from Breeze is a strong endorsement for the value and opportunities offered by this latest generation aircraft.

Benoît de Saint-Exupéry, EVP Sales, Commercial Aircraft, Airbus.

All Airbus A220s

While much discussion is around the order top-up to bolster its commitment to the series, one of the more significant announcements comes from Breeze, confirming it’ll transition to all-Airbus-produced aircraft.

Breeze moving to only Airbus-produced planes has been a long time in the making. When launching and until now, the airline has heavily relied on Embraer jets to help fulfil capacity requirements as more A220s are delivered.

Following this newest commitment to the A220, Breeze says that by year’s end, they’ll transition fully to being an all-Airbus operated and thus remove all Embraer jets currently in service.

A move to only flying the Airbus A220 will mean, based on the average fleet age, Breeze will have among the youngest fleets in the United States. This a move that’ll allow for maximum efficiency across the network.

The first Airbus A220 arrived with Breeze in December of 2021, and it has slowly but surely looked to grow its commitment to the series. Breeze also forms a core part of Airbus’ focus on pushing the Airbus A220 into markets such as the United States.

Airbus A220 Benefits

Airbus says that the A220 is one of the only aircraft purposefully built to cater to the growing demand seen in the 100 to 150-seat market.

The aircraft brings customers a 50% reduced noise footprint compared to previous-generation aircraft and has been a hit worldwide, with more than 300 units delivered.

Qantas is currently welcoming the A220 to replace their ageing 717s, and the difference between the capabilities and efficiency of the aircraft is staggering.

Airbus hopes that, with time, more customers will select the A220 as they continue to see substantial positives from operating the aircraft in new and existing markets.

Daniel Fowkes
21 Feb 2024
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